Memorandum to All International Submarine Race 17 Participants

– As of November 08, 2022-

An updated International Submarine Race (ISR) Contestant Manual is being prepared and is expected to be issued in late November 2022.  However, there are items that you need to be aware of until that revised manual is issued.  This memorandum provides an advance summary of changes that will be included in the revision.

  1. The deadline for boat registration will be moved to January 20, 2023.  A revised registration from will be included in the updated manual.  A registration will be required for each boat entered (if a single team enters more than one boat).
  2. The registration fee for ISR 17 will be $500 for each boat entered, payable no later than January 20, 2023.  This lowered fee is due to many teams expressing financial challenges as they exit COVID restrictions at their schools.
  3. The timing gate used to determine a boat’s speed will change this race.  Previously, speed was computed using a ten meter gate on the race course.  This race, a boat’s speed will be determined by over the entire 100 meter the race course.

ISR 17 Contestant Manual (version 1)

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