17th ISR

17th International Submarine Races Awards Summary

The Foundation for Underwater Research and Education (FURE) and the ISR Organization held the 17th International Submarine Races from June 26th – June 30th, 2023 at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division in Bethesda, Maryland.

Congratulations to all of the teams who participated! Results from the races are as follows:


The Maritime Technology Alliance Overall Performance Award

A trophy and $1000 cash award are given to the submarine team from any design category that displays the best overall performance. The ranking of Overall Performance is determined by quantifying the Figure of Merit (FOM) for each team and submarine. Seventeen weighted parameters are ranked to determine the FOM. The analysis includes aspects of other awards and the team’s attitude, persistence, and resourcefulness. This award is sponsored by the Maritime Technology Alliance . The runner up team in this category will receive a plaque and $500.

Winner: OMER 12 / École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS)

Runner-up: ORCA / University of Washington


The Most Innovative Propulsion System (Non-Propeller) Award.

A plaque and $750 cash award are given to recognize the submarine team from any design category that successfully incorporates the most innovative design and resultant performance for a non-propeller propulsion system. This award is sponsored by Captain Christopher Pietras, USN (retired).

Winner: OMER 12 / École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) – OMER 12 is awarded the Most Innovative Propulsion System (Non-Propeller) Award for its successful development and operation of the submarine’s counter-rotating Voith-Schneider propulsion. The use of two Voith-Schneider systems allows the pilot to control the direction of the thrust generated by each system independent of the other during the race using electronically controlled stepper motors. The thrust can be used by the pilot to control both the depth and direction of the submarine.

First Honorable Mention: Propulsion / Kids into Discovering Science – propulsion is awarded an honorable mention for Most Innovative Propulsion System (Non-propeller) for their flap/rowing system using automatically springloaded flaps that close moving forward and open when pulling aft. The sub completed a successful run through a determined effort.


The Patrona Corporation Best Use of Technology Award

A plaque and $750 cash award are given to the team in any design category that exhibits the best and most successful use of technology to support their vessel’s design, construction, and/or performance. This award is sponsored by the Patrona Corporation.

Winner: The Best Use of Technology Award is awarded to the Sussex County Technical School’s entry, Umptysquatch 10, for the successful development and use of an autonomous self-correcting buoyancy system. This system maintains both the submarine’s trim on an even keel and the submarine’s neutral buoyancy at a set depth. The system can ballast or deballast during the submarine’s run and can also transfer water between the forward and aft trim tanks to maintain the proper trim on the vessel.


Absolute Speed Award

A plaque is given to the submarine team with the fastest speed of the race from any of the design categories. If the speed sets a new speed record, $500 will be awarded in addition to the plaque.

Winner: Umptysquatch 10 / Sussex County Technical School Engineering – 2.648 knots


Best Design Outline

A plaque is given to the team that submits the best design outline report on their submarine. 

Winner: Man-o-Warwick, University of Warwick


Smooth Operator Award

A plaque is given to a team in recognition of their efficiency in staging for the race course, racing the course, troubleshooting as necessary, and preparing for their next run.

Winner: Stingray / University of Michigan


Best Spirit of the Races

A plaque is given to the submarine team that displays the best gusto, fortitude, support for the other teams, and overall best spirit. The winner is selected by the submarine teams themselves. The Best Spirit of the Races is awarded in memory of the late ISR contestant, Steve Barton, of team Sublime. 

Winner: OMER 12 / École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS)


Fastest Speed by Category

Certificates are given to first place and runner up speed finishers in each design category. The categories for speed awards include the combinations of the following characteristics – one or two person boats, propeller or non-propeller boats and Independent, High School and College level teams. 


One Person, Propeller, College

Winner – STINGRAY / University of Michigan – 2.613 knots

Runner-up – ORCA / University of Washington – 2.439 kno


Two Person, Non-Propeller, College

Winner – OMER 12 / École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) – 1.564 knots


One Person, Propeller, High School

Winner – UMPTYh 10 / Sussex County Technical School Engineering – 2.648 knots

Runner-up – NAUTILUS / Sanborn Regional High School – 1.124 knots


One Person, Propeller, Independent

Winner – JAVELIN / Impulse Submarines – 0.863 knots


One Person, Non-Propeller, Independent

Winner – propulsion / Kids Into Discovering Science – 0.224 knots


2023 FURE Scholarship Winners

Awards of $2000 each were made to Mr. Luis F. Vila and Ms. Grace Revoredo. Mr. Castro attends Florida Atlantic University and is a member of the Florida Atlantic Human Powered Submarine team. Ms. Revoredo is a 2023 graduate of Sussex County Technical School and will be matriculating to Albert Dorman Honors College at New Jersey Institute of Technology and pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering.


17th ISR Team Photos


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