14th ISR

14th International Submarine Races Awards Summary

The Foundation for Underwater Research and Education (FURE) and the ISR Organization held the 14th International Submarine Races from June 26th – June 30th, 2017 at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division in Bethesda, Maryland.

Congratulations to all of the teams who participated! Results from the races are as follows:


ISR 14 Overall Performance Award 

A trophy and $1000 award is given to the submarine team from any design category that displays the best overall performance. The ranking of Overall Performance is determined by quantifying the Figure of Merit (FOM) for each team and submarine. Seventeen weighted parameters are ranked to determine the FOM. The analysis includes aspects of other awards and the team’s attitude, persistence, and resourcefulness. This award is sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton.

Winner: Ecole de Technologie Superior, OMER X



A plaque is given to recognize the submarine team from any design category that incorporates the most innovative design, construction and or performance attribute.

First Place and winner: Umptysquatch 8 / Sussex County Technical School for their use of a Schauberger’s Turbine Propulsion System, utilizing a 14 foot lathe as part of their manufacturing process and having a rear facing pilot utilizing aforward look go pro camera system for steering

Second Place: Knotty Dawg / University of Washington for using a two school collaboration to construct their wooden hull; having Dorsal and Ventral Fin with ballast to prevent torque roll and a central chassis chain Geometry

Third Place: Rivershark Mod 1 / Rhein Waal University of Applied Sciences for having a sonar based autopilot system with artificial lateral line speedometer and a Mirage Drive Outboard Propulsion System

Honorable Mention: Trigonus / AC Mosley High School for having a cost effective and time efficient hull construction


Best Spirit of the Races 

A plaque is given to the submarine team that displays the best gusto, fortitude, support for the other teams, and overall best spirit. The winner will be selected by the submarine teams themselves, and is awarded in memory of the late ISR contestant, Steve Barton of team Sublime.

Winner: Ecole de Technologie Superior, OMER X


Smooth Operator Award 

A plaque is given to a team in recognition of their efficiency in staging for the race course, racing the course, troubleshooting as necessary, and otherwise preparing for their next run.

Winner: Umptysquatch 8 / Sussex County Technical School


Best Design Outline

A plaque is given to the team that submits the best design outline report on their submarine.

Winner: Godiva 3/ University of Warwick
Honorable Mention: Skookumchuck MkIII / University of British Columbia


Best Use of Composites:

A plaque is given to a team in recognition of the boat that makes the best use of composites.

Winner: Godiva 3 from the University of Warwick for their use of recycled carbon fiber.


Speed Awards

The categories for speed awards includes combinations of the following characteristics – one or two person boats, propeller or non-propeller boats and Independent, High School and College level teams.   A certificate is presented to category winners and a plaque is presented to the Absolute Speed Winner.

The Absolute Speed winner of ISR 14 with a speed of 5.77 knots is SUBLIME from Hernando County Schools, Springstead, Florida


Speed Awards by Category

One Person, Propeller, College

1st Place: Florida Atlantic University | HPS Atlantic | 4.90 kts

2nd Place: Polytechnique Montreal | Archimede VII | 4.05 kts

3rd Place: University of Warwick | Godiva 3 | 2.52 kts


One Person, Propeller, High School

1st Place: Hernando County Schools | SUBLIME | 5.77 kts

2nd Place: Old Saybrook High School | Jesse V | 3.27 kts

3rd Place: AC Mosley High School | Trigonus | 1.28 kts


One Person, Propeller, Independent

1st Place: Kids Into Discovering Science | Rubber Ducky | 1.24 kts


Two Person, Propeller, College

1st Place: University of Washington | Knotty Dawg | 3.27 kts

2nd Place: University of Veracruz | Tijuana Taxi | 1.03 kts


One Person, Non-Propeller, College

1st Place: Ecole De Technologie Superieure | OMER X | 4.59 kts

2nd Place: Delft University of Technology | WASUB VII | 2.09 kts

3rd Place: Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences | Rivershark Mod 1 | 1.49 kts



Team Photos from 2017