6th ISR Race Summary

New world speed records and innovations in propulsion systems were highlights of the successful running of the 6th International Submarine Races, an engineering design competition held at the U.S. Navy’s David Taylor Model Basin. 
The award for Overall Performance, sponsored by the Oceanic Engineering Society, went to Virginia Polytechnic University, Blacksburg, VA.   Judging was for speed and maneuverability in the water as well as high-tech design of composite materials, computerized advanced power-to-propulsion conversion and the team’s response to challenging and changing circumstances during race week. 
In other awards: Absolute Speed, Omer 4; Best Use of Composites, Omer 4; Innovation, 1st place Reef Cruiser, Robert Golobic, 2nd place Jonah, Merchant Marine Academy, 3rd place Neptune, University of Michigan; Spirit of the Races, Merchant Marine Academy and  Lawrence Technical University, a tie. Best Design Guideline, Lawrence Technical University.