Foundation for Underwater Research and Education


To establish a not-for-profit, tax-exempt Corporation that inspires students and the general public to delve into broad areas of underwater sciences, engineering and technologies and provides learning opportunities through a variety of means ranging from traditional means to hands on opportunities that  translate theoretical knowledge into real world experience. The educational outreach efforts of the Corporation will foster advances in subsea hydrodynamic, propulsion and life support systems, and increases public awareness of the challenges people face working in and exploring the ocean depths.

As a means to this end, such purposes may be carried out by:

  • Sponsoring educational and hands on events that support the education of young people pursuing careers in the marine sciences and related engineering disciplines
  • Providing for college scholarships to accredited institutions for worthy students pursuing these careers in the sciences and engineering
  • Providing students with information,; by arranging learning opportunities from professional scientists and administrators
  • Coordinating with educational institutions to arrange programs in cooperation with underwater research programs and other marine science projects
  • Supporting the need for the development of new ocean technology, and advancing underwater research and education, including ocean engineering, tooling, platforms and diving vehicles
  • Preparing and distributing publications and video documentaries
  • Conducting lectures and seminars to help disseminate scientific knowledge to educational institutions and the general public
  • Supporting the conduct of scientific, technical, engineering and math related exercises in laboratory or marine environments that enhances students’ knowledge either directly or indirectly, either alone or in conjunction with others, whether such others be persons or organizations of any nature, such as firms, trusts, associations, syndicates, institutions, agencies, corporations of government bureaus, departments or agencies, by doing all such things and acts, and engaging in all such activities as are necessary, useful, suitable, desirable or proper to carry out the purposes set forth herein.


Chairman of the Board

Vin Malkoski (acting)

Vice Chairman of the Board

Eric Jones


Chip Chase, Eric Padilla, Bill Marr, Chris Pietras, Eric Bege, Kristina Haller-Corkum, Sarena Padilla



Vin Malkoski

Vice President

Sarena Padilla


Pam Corry


Dave Peterson