FURE Scholarship

2022 Scholarship Application

Purpose:  To inspire students to delve into broad areas of underwater sciences, engineering and technologies, to encourage pursuit of academic studies and careers in the sciences and engineering, and to support the conduct of scientific, technical, engineering and math related exercises that enhances students’ knowledge.

Eligibility:  Individuals who are graduating high school students or college students who have displayed an interest in human-powered submarining and related activities and are pursuing degrees related to the marine sciences, engineering, or related fields at an accredited institution.  This scholarship is intended to assist in postsecondary education expenses.

Award Evaluation and Criteria:

  1. Response to essays
    1. Why do the underwater sciences interest you?
    2. Who or what inspires you?
    3. What is your history with human-powered submarines?
    4. Why are you the best candidate for this scholarship?
  2. Three Letters of Recommendation (two professional and one personal)
  3. Scholastic achievement
  4. Community involvement
  5. Extra-curricular activities

Award Amount:  At least one annual award of $1500 will be made, however the amount and number of awards can vary annually based on the number of qualified candidates and availability of funds.

Awardee Requirements: Submission of a written report (no more than two pages) summarizing the benefit of the award and how it was used within 1 year of receipt.