ISR 15 Information

Trying to pay your entrance fees for the next ISR? An electronic transfer option exists to pay entry fees, check out how with the document below:

Funds Transfer Information

 ISR 15 Scholarship Opportunities

FURE is pleased to announce scholarship opportunities. Please click on one of the links below to download the application package.

ISR15 Scholarship Application Package (Word Doc)

ISR15 Scholarship Application Package (PDF)

 PAST RACE: ISR 14 Race Information

 ISR 14 Team Information

ISR14 List of Awards

ISR14 Daily Schedule of Events

ISR 14 Team Entry Form 5.1

ISR 14 Contestant Registration Information

ISR 14 Registration Instructions

ISR 14 Liability Release Form 5.2

ISR 14 Medical Release Form 5.3

ISR 14 Medical History Form 5.4

SECNAV Form 5512 – US citizens 18 years and older only.  This form must be printed, handwritten (legibly in highlighted blocks), signed, and scanned with filename format (lastname_SECNAV.pdf)

Directions to NSWC Carderock